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yoš jedan božić/yet another christmas... 

Sunday, January 8, 2012, 02:53
Napisao(la) Dubravka
blago nama što slavimo sve božiće i sve nove godine. blago nama što slavimo život. :)

baš danas, moj omiljeni adamus dade ovu predikciju. ko ne zna engleski, u dve reči, rock'n'roll godina je pred nama. yes!

hristos se rodi. ♥

‎"I would say that 2012 is the year of the rocket. Yes, the rocket, because with all of this energy, you can launch your potentials. You can launch yourself. All of this energy that’s here is going to provide what you need, all of the resources, in 2012.

It’s like a magic energy, because you don’t need to struggle with it. You don’t need to work hard with it. This energy is very, very efficient. Therefore, it’s going to work a bit different than the energies that you’re used to from the past.

This energy is here and it responds very immediately to what you are choosing. Ah! So that brings up the question, “What should I choose?” Ah, that’s up to you, my dear friends. It’s up to you, but choose without fear. Choose without holding back. Choose without judgment. Choose as a creator, knowing that this energy is going to launch you, to launch whatever you choose to do – your projects, your ideas, your self-development, your rejuvenation, your rebalancing, whatever it is. And then after you make that choice in this Year of the Rocket, with this beautiful energy, then let it go to work. Let it go to work."

Adamus, "2012: Deliverance", January 2012''

lucky us that celebrate two christmas_es, two new year_s, lucky us that celebrate life!

adamus' prediction for this year, never mind if you disbelieve predictions, let's rock and roll this year!

all is well in all of creation, so don't stop the celebration!

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